My Pain Cave

Tri Coach Uk Pain Cave

Thought I would share my pain cave with you all and give some details of the equipment I use to train at home.

Tri Couch Uk pain cave set up

I have had a gym membership for many years which I primarily use for strength and conditioning work. For the last few years I have been also doing indoor rides at home. These have been done on my WattBike Atom in the conservatory but it still had a sofa, table and other stuff in. As I have been taking my cycle training more seriously this year. It was time was coming to get things properly set up. At the same time the world was hit by Covid19 and the gyms were all closed.

We moved the sofa out along with all other none fitness equipment and a fresh coat of paint put on the walls. Not much choice on colour with most shops closed but I had some magnolia paint in the shed.

CheekyBen pain cave turbo

Also training in our home pain cave is my son AKA CheekyBen also needed to keep up his fitness. As a regional triathlete and with most training facilities closed he was keen to keep up his fitness. Therefore everything is set up so that we can both get the most out of it.


WattBike Atom:

Pain Cave Watt bike Atom set up

I use this for all my indoor cycle training in conjunction with the TrainerRoad app. I have taken a lot of time to get my riding position to match my road bike. This enables me to train in the same position I ride on the road without putting my bike on and off a trainer.

I run the TrainerRoad app on my iPad Pro and then have a TV series, film or YouTube playing on the smart TV or Apple TV. New features in TrainerRoad such as group workouts and live FTP only available in the desktop app so I use my MacBook Air for these. For sound I link the Apple TV  to my AirPod Pro’s as I find the TV isn’t loud enough for the noise of the WattBike. This keeps me occupied and takes away some of the pain of the harder intervals when I’m training.

Trainer Table:

Lifeline Turbo Trainer Table

I use my Ipad Pro for my training app and like it in front of me when I’m riding. I also have my phone to hand and some nutrition in case I need it during the session.

There are options you can adapt to use as a trainer table I really liked the Wahoo one. However at nearly £200 it was just too much of a stretch. After checking around I found that Wiggle sells a copy under their Lifeline brand. At less than half the price of the Wahoo one it’s great value and works really well. However it is often out of stock and when in stock it sells out quickly. Be sure to sign up for email notifications for when it’s back in stock.

Wahoo Kickr Core:

Pain Cave Waho Kickr

The Kickr Core is used by Cheeky for his indoor cylce training and he uses this with the Zwift app. Using custom workout I have written for him he is able to keep his fitness whilst building his FTP. Ben also rides with friends on Zwift or rides with Pro’s that are suitable for his age and ability. Zwift offer a free membership for all kids, which you can read about in my post Free Kids Zwift Membership.

Concept2 Rower:

I have had this for the last three years and it has been very under used. There wasn’t enough room before to have it set up all the time so it was alway a hassle to use it. In the new set-up this is always ready we have both been using it about three times a week. Ben’s using it to help his swim fitness, I use it as part of my strength and conditioning to work on my weaknesses.

VacMaster Cooling Fan:

Home Pain Cave Turbo Trainer Cooling Fan

I did a lot of research to find a good fan for cooling us when using the trainer. I wanted something that would provide a cool breeze that I could direct at myself when training. It needed to have different speed settings and not be too noisey or large in size. Most websites only listed US models, after a bit a searching I found this carpet drying fan.

I will write a full review about this later but for now you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer.

Tapo Smart Plug:

To control my fan when I’m on the trainer I have it plugged in to a Tapo smartplug. I have used TP Link equipment for a while and always found it good. The app is simple to use and the plug is value for money with next day delivery from Amazon Prime.
Tapo Smart Plug @Amazon

Electriq Mobile Air Con Unit:

With summer approaching the temperature in the conservatory during training sessions was starting to rise. Whilst the fan was providing good air flow it would only blow the hot air around. I decided on purchasing the brand and model here mobile air conditioning unit based upon it’s airflow and size. It connects to an app to remotely turn it on to cool the pain cave prior to a training session.

Pain Cave Mobile Air Con

Exercise Mat:

Beemat Deluxe Exercise Mat ideal for a home pain cave

I wanted a good quality mat that would not only provide good padding but also be durable to last a while. After looking at serveral different brands I settled on an original deluxe gymnastics mat from Beemat. It’s 1.8m x 1.2m and at 32mm thick it has plenty of padding. Made from chipfoam it did smell of adhesive when it first arrived but the smell soon went.

Apple Tv (4th Gen)

I use an Apple TV to stream online content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV. Other time I get some inspiration from YouTube while I train. I find that during hard or long sessions this can provide me with mental relief or inspiration.

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