Share custom Zwift workouts

share Zwift custom workouts

There isn’t a direct feature to share custom workouts in Zwift. However don’t worry because it’s not hard to do as my step by step guide will show you.

Share a custom workout you have written for Zwift with other Zwift members.


Add a custom workout you have been sent to your Zwift account.

Firstly, you will need to do this on your PC or MAC as this function is not currently supported on the Zwift website or Zwift mobile app on Andriod or iOS (Apple). To do this you must have the Zwift software installed on your PC or MAC. You can download this from

Once you have installed the Zwift app on to your PC or MAC you are ready. You can now add the workout that has been shared with you to your custom workout library.

Step 1.
Start by saving the custom workout file that has been shared with you to the downloads folder on PC or MAC.

Step 2.
Open the downloads folder on your PC or MAC, right click on it and select copy.

Step 3.
Open the Zwift workout folder on your PC or MAC. You will find this by clicking in to your Document folder, then Zwift, then Workouts folder and then finally the folder with the “Numeric Zwift ID”. (File path is Documents\Zwift\Workouts\”Numeric Zwift ID”)
NOTE: If multiple Zwifters access the platform on your device, there will be multiple Numeric Zwift ID folders visible. For assistance with locating your Zwift ID, select Contact Us at the bottom of this page.

Step 4
Once in the folder above right click and select paste. The custom workout file shared with you will now show in the current folder.

The next time you launch the Zwift app on your PC or MAC you will be able to access the workout you added to the folder. You can access this in the custom workouts menu. These workouts will now sync to your Zwift account and accessible on any device logged in to your Zwift account.

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